+ What does it cost to file bankruptcy?

The cost of filing bankruptcy depends on the particular aspects of your case. We regularly take cases with debt between $20,000 and $15 million in debt, naturally prices vary. A price is generally given early in the representation once the complexity of the case is analyzed.

+ What assets can I keep?

In a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy individuals are allowed to keep ....
In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy individuals are allowed to keep all non-exempt property.

+ Who will know if I file?

Even though bankruptcy filings are public records, usually only a select group of people will know about your decision to file bankruptcy. Since the goal of filing bankruptcy is to eliminate your debts, it requires disclosure to any creditors you may have. Also, when you file for bankruptcy a trustee will be assigned to help guide you through the case. This trustee is usually expected not to disclosed any of your financial information to outside parties. Although potential employers may be able to find out about your bankruptcy, by law they are prohibited from discriminating against you because of it.

+ What are the benefits of filing?

Bankruptcy allows you to reclaim your financial stability. Individuals who file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be forgiven from most unsecured debts.

+ What are the negative aspects of filing?


+ How quickly can creditors be stopped by filing?


+ How will filing affect my credit?

Although a bankruptcy filing remains on your credit report for 10 years, many people who chose to file have a lengthy adverse credit history which already negatively impacts their credit report. By filing bankruptcy this long and adverse history is removed from credit report and in its place is a notice of filing bankruptcy. In many cases a client can restore their credit within ## months/years leaving them in a significantly better financial situation than their per-bankruptcy credit.

+ Can I ever buy a house after bankruptcy?


+ Should or must my spouse file bankruptcy as well?


+ Is there an income cutoff for Chapter 7?