Major Debtor and Trustee Cases

All One God Faith, Inc.  Chapter 11 reorganization plan confirmed for debtor in possession which allowed the debtor to repay over $1,000,000 in federal taxes without losing any assets.

In re M. Engebretsen  Chapter 11 plan prepared and confirmed jointly by debtor and trustee.  This allowed the construction debtor to continue in business and satisfy claims in excess of$1,000,000.

In re A. Zolezzi  After confirmation of my creditor\client's liquidating Chapter 11 plan, the debtor refinanced all his assets and paid creditors in full with interest.

In re D. Purse Prepared and jointly confirmed Chapter 11 plan of reorganization for debtor and my client\trustee holding mobile home parks and other real estate in excess of $4,000,000 of value located in three different states.

In re J. David Securities, Inc.  Primary attorney for Chapter 7 trustee in the liquidation of the stock brokerage company owned by J. David Dominelli.

In re Doering Group.  Primary attorney for Chapter 7 trustee responsible for ten consolidated bankruptcies involving the Doering Enterprise conglomerate.

In re Stone Yard, Inc. Confirmed a Chapter 11 plan for corporate debtor in possession which ejected former shareholder and paid all creditors in full.

In re Bill W.  Represented individual Chapter 7 debtor with over $300,000,000 in debt.

In re Wm. S.  Confirmed a Chapter 11 plan for individual debtor in possession with debts arising from ownership of several Ford dealerships.  Over $13,000,000 in personal debt restructured.

In re Jorge G.  Confirmed a Chapter 11 plan for debtor in possession allowing the liquidation of a large single family residence worth over $1,000,000.

In re Upland-Euclid Confirmed a Chapter 11 plan for debtor in possession restructuring debt secured by commercial building in Oceanside, CA.

In re Sea Encounter Represented the Chapter 11 trustee and confirmed plan preserving equity ownership and writing down secured debt on fishing vessel.

In re American XXXX Represented the Chapter 11 debtor in possession and confirmed plan restructuring approximately $6,000,000 in debt.

In re NPI Represented the Chapter 11 debtor in possession with $7,000,000 in assets and $8,000,000 in claims.  Via global settlement, all creditors paid in full.

In re VFW Post Represented the Post as Chapter 11 debtor and confirmed plan providing payment in full to creditors and continued operation of the Post.

In re Flinn Springs Owners Assn.  Represented a mobile home park occupants’ nonprofit corporation in Chapter 11 and restructured the secured debt, preserving control of the park for its 40+ occupants.

In re C-Motech Co., Ltd.  Represent a foreign representative in a Chapter 15 case related to an insolvency proceeding based in South Korea.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Cases

   I have represented debtors in hundreds of business and personal bankruptcy cases in numerous industries, including: accounting, agriculture, construction, engineering, architecture, design, law, medical and dental, manufacturing, importing, restaurant, retail and wholesale sales, maquiladora, tuna fishing, software development, video, high tech, bio tech car rental, Internet service provider, and weight loss.  Cases have involved debt from $3,000 to $300,000,000.

Non-Bankruptcy Restructuring

   I have represented numerous companies in out-of-court liquidations or restructuring proceedings and assignments for benefit of creditors.  I have advised on private reorganizations and liquidations on behalf of various clients, dealing directly with creditors concerning payment and reorganization.


Expert Witness Assignments

    I have been retained as an expert in bankruptcy law in civil cases many times and have testified as an expert witness in California state court and family court on bankruptcy issues.  I am regularly retained as an expert by Federal Defenders of San Diego and by private criminal defense counsel in federal bankruptcy fraud criminal prosecutions.